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Our team has years of experience helping individuals and families across the state of Louisiana protect their natural resources and financial interests.

Protecting Your Land, Your Resources, And Your Bottom Line

Louisiana is one of the top states in the nation for oil and gas production. Finding and tapping into these resources often leads to a wide range of legal issues for the people who own land in the state. 

The New Orleans oil and gas lawyers at Barrios, Kingsdorf & Casteix help individuals and landowners with business transactions involving oil and gas interests, as well as litigation involving these resources.

If you are a landowner, our oil and gas attorneys can advise you of your rights regarding your land’s natural resources and help you protect and capitalize on that investment.

From Leases, to Surface Rights, to Servitudes, And More

On your behalf, we can negotiate terms of any agreements related to the resources of your land, ensure that the agreement is in your best interest and legally binding, and represent you in resolving any disputes over these agreements.

There are many conflicts that can arise in a contract with an oil and gas company if the deal is not properly drafted from the beginning, with YOUR interests protected. From automatic renewal clauses to on-site disposal, you want to protect the investment in your land from not just economic losses but also from environmental contamination.

We help landowners and their families navigate:

  • Drilling/exploration leases
  • Surface rights
  • Purchase and sales contracts
  • Royalty contracts
  • Pipeline servitude agreements
  • Contract disputes
Let Our Team Protect And Advance Your Interests

Whether you are looking to lease or already engaged in a dispute, we can help make sure your resources are protected for your business or your family.


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