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Most people are overwhelmed after a loved one dies, and dealing with the legal issues related to probate can be challenging. Our experienced New Orleans probate administration lawyers will ensure that you understand your options, know what the law requires, and guide you through this process step by step.

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Evaluating and understanding your options when setting up an estate plan can be quite overwhelming. It can be helpful to hire an experienced estate planning attorney, who can help you revise or create a new comprehensive estate plan.

Wills & Estate Plans
can protect your loved ones from precarious financial situations and unnecessary quarrels after your death.

can meet number of objectives, from protecting minor children as heirs to avoiding estate taxes

Powers of Attorney & Advanced Directives
ensure your best interests are acted upon and take the burden off loved ones’ shoulders


Despite recognizing the importance of having a Last Will and Testament, as many as two-thirds of adult Americans don’t have one. A Last Will and Testament allows you to state how you wish your property to be distributed after your death. This legal document is now most commonly known as simply a will.

Under Louisiana law, there are two types of wills — olographic testament and notarial testament. Both can be contested or declared void if the ramifications and legal procedures are not followed properly.

Many Louisiana residents feel that wills are only necessary for those with a big estate and lots of assets. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone should have a will, no matter how large or small their estate.

We can assist with matters of:

  • Long-term estate planning
  • Estate taxes
  • Disinheritance
  • Possible challenge of the will
  • Care and provision for pets


It is important to know about probate procedure in Louisiana as significant time and expense can be avoided if the Will provides for Independent Administration;  the succession qualifies as a small succession; or the succession  can be handled by Affidavit without court proceedings. If an estate requires administration, a succession representative (Executor named in the Will or an Administrator if there is no Will) will be appointed by the court as the first step. Not all successions require administration, even when an Executor is named. The succession representative is given certain powers and duties.

Heirs, creditors, and the general public may be notified of the decedent’s death. The court will also direct the estate’s representative to make an inventory of all properties of the estate. In addition, he or she is given the task of collecting any amounts due to the estate, as well as paying debts the decedent left behind. Some of these actions may require the succession representative to obtain court approval.

After all debts, taxes, and other obligations are met, the court may order the distribution of the property of the estate to the legatees name in the Will or the legal heirs when there is no Will.

Probate proceedings are handled by parish district courts and are subject to state laws based on the location and nature of the property.

Our experienced attorneys can oversee the process by which your estate is administered after your death.


Get help protecting your interests, and those of your loved ones, from our experienced probate lawyers.


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